Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Goals

1. Develop a website.
2. Enter Watercolor USA
3. Enter shows in The Missouri Water Color Society.
4. Join Best of hands.
5. Start printing again.
6. Finish one painting a week.
7. Paint series: fish, tree portraits, window views, night views.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Cold Night
This painting was done from a photo taken when I went with my son's scout troop to visit a TV station in Chicago. We took the train. Eight boys on the train are a nightmare. We visited the tree just before going home. I did think we were going to freeze to death. What impressed me about this tree was the amount of space in which it is displayed. The New York tree is in a much more crowded space.

Miskit created the lights. I had to work to get the dark values built up. There actually is a lot of light in the city at night. The warmth the tree created by the tree reflects in the buildings. The cold icy contrast is expressed with the blues surrounding the tree's reflection. This was a fun painting to paint. I enjoyed the looseness. I must work on a few more night paintings. Reflections are just fun.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stars on Top 2

This is a small day painting. It was laying on my paper cutter from last year. Somehow it surfed to the top of the pile. Finely River was crying for paintings to fill out their winter show. I stole a frame a from another painting and slipped this into the show before the judging. Dang this little one won third place.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Three Frogs Hangin' 2

My sister and I took Mom and Dad to a butterfly farm. In the gift shop Mom saw the statue of a frog that Mom liked. Karen, my sister, is a stained glass artist. She wanted me to download pictures of frogs from the Internet so she could make a stained glass piece for my Mom.

I got an idea for a painting for the 'Think Green' Show at Waverly house. I started downloading images of frogs. Heads pocking out of the water and bodies under the water, were my target.

There is a copyright issue about painting from photos that someone else has taken. I used an eye here an mouth there and developed the bodies from several photos. At no time did I copy an image. I just used the photos for information. Problem solved.

I painted the frogs first. I had to mask the heads to do the water on the top. I did the same for the bodies under the water, but also did several layers of washes that went over the top of the frogs. As with the other frog painting, I worked to make above the water cool. (sky reflection) Under the water was done in warmer tones.

This painting was the first of the two started. I did not like how it was going so I started another painting, which I finished in one night for the competition. This painting was toyed with, for several more weeks. I finished it for the Animal show at Finley River, but I did not enter it because I had two other paintings ready for that show.

Finally I put this painting in a show this fall at the College of the Ozarks. I will ship it to St. Louis as soon as it comes home. It has sold.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Toucan Watch




I took this photo at an bird habitat in Banson, MO. I put this on my desktop as wallpaper and created a shortcut on my desktop to the picture. The shortcut was mistake. The photo was deleted and the shortcut was useless. Not being able to print this one, I ended up photoing the computer screen.

When I went to Florida with this painting in tow it got a nasty scratch across the belly. It showed up on the white and would would look worse if paint were to be applied. I eventually started to grove the paper with the back of a chiseled brush to simulate feathers. The embossing actually disguised the scratch.

I have an attitude with a painting that I believe is dead. I can do anything to them, because a dead painting cannot be killed. There is nothing to loose, being really creative begins. An artist is a problem solver.

The background is done with paint being put down on a wet surface. After that dried I lifted paint out to create the impression of foliage. As always there was not much information in the black. Photos are that way. I downloaded images of other toucans from the Internet to give me help.

This painting was punched out to enter in the Finley River Competition, wild animals as a theme. I had been stewing over this one for more than a year. It is good how a deadline can get some paintings off the board. I was shocked that this won Best of Show. I nearly spit my coffee out with they announced it at a meeting.

This bird got painted because of the colors in his beak and eye. It is now hanging in our condo in Florida, and my sister loves it and is probably trying to figure out how it could could come to live at her house.

When photographing this one for printing, the lighting must be angled to catch the grooves. I think I got the right photo. We'll see when I fire up the giclee printer.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I have decided. When 'The Bug' comes home, I am removing the dark green leg. It may show up in the photo, but the painting does not need it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bulldog Smile


15"x 22"


I guess I need to get another photo of this painting when it comes home. Being 300 lb rough paper, the bumps are showing a shadow that I cannot edit out and hold onto the integrity of the image. Grumble, grumble.

This was the third painting I enter in a show and it won juror's choice award. Boy was I spoiled.

This one was painted while I was caring for my mother-in-law, who had cancer. I was spending months away form my bulldog puppy. My daughter was caring for her in my absence and the dog became the darling of the art school that my daughter was attending.

This is the largest size of paper that I can fit in my suitcase.

There is a lot of wet into wet work here. I think the fluid look of the eyes make the painting. When I took this photo of Maggie she was only three months old. I thought she had that loving look a baby gets when looking at it's mother. Actually her jaw had not grown enough for the fangs to show in the typical bulldog smile. When I had returned home her jaw had protruded and her smile, with teeth, appeared. I drove her nuts trying to get the right photo at the right angle to aid me. I added those teeth last, after the painting could have been done. People believe that watercolor is unforgiving and hard to change. This painting is proof that that is not so.

There is a another bulldog painting that I painted before this one. It also won a Juror's choice award. When ever I exhibited both paintings together 'The Bulldog Smile' would always win over the other one. This week I put this painting in a show that is displaying in our local library and it won first place again. I am not surprised.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This painting is now hanging at Hammons Hall. I like the colors and the whimsy. This is the first painting I did after bringing my parents home to live with me. I had just moved and my studio still needed to be set up. There was a leak in the roof while I was in Florida caring for my mom after heart surgery. My husband and the contractor had knocked a big hole in the wall and pulled the carpet back. Everything was pushed to one side. No wonder I did not paint much during that time.

Sunflowers and Blackbird



I have always liked sunflowers. yellow has been my favorite color since childhood. This flowers always face the direction where they get the most sun. In my old house they faced to the outside of the fence. At my new house they face my porch. Location, location. I try to do one sunflower painting a season. There is another one in this series. The next sunflower painting will be more realistic presenting the drama of their size.

This painting started out as play. First I created the centers by laying down paint and then touching the paint with drops of alcohol. Then I started creating the pedals by laying down the oranges and yellows then used a rubber spatula to move the paint around. The hard edge of the spatula also marked the paper with lines to help define the pedals. A lot of painting around the edges and additons of line and color for the background. The blackbird showed up late in the painting process. I like how the blue of the sky is in the flower's center and mixed in the stems.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Bug
This was a little difficult because the photo was fuzzy. I was attracted to the detailing of the wings. This is a funny angle for this bug because his body is long and narrow. I am not sure the legs are right yet. This has been entered in the Hammons Hall show. It may come out of the frame when it gets home.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Orchids des Rouge


15"X 22"


I love painting white. I discovered this when painting white face clowns. I purchased this orchid specifically to paint. Being the first one I owned, I was surprised how long the flowers last.

The real reason for this painting was to created the riotous red background. I used gold pigment in the background to add elegance. This often hangs in my red powder room if it is not hanging in public.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scaffolding, City View
20"x 16"

I won second place in the professional division, in the Neocho art show. This painting was done from a photo of scaffolding outside the Smithsonian Art museum. It told forever to get a clear photo in such low light. I like how you can see the city through the scaffolding. I wish that I had entered this one in Watercolor USA, but not I think the painting is too old.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Where Is It?
Won the Theme Award
This painting will be for sale at the Waverly House, Girl's Shelter Benefit. The theme was 'Everyday Life."
My mother went into the hospital the week this painting was due for judging. It was quite an ambitious painting for the time I had to finish it. It seemed like everything was working against me getting this one done on time. I was determined and stayed up most of the night painting. I am pleased with it, but the finished product has not been in the studio for long. If it sells in the show it is done. If it comes back for awhile, I cannot be sure it will not come out of the frame for tweaking.
I'm often asked if I am afraid of ruining a successful painting. I really have not had that problem. At this stage all changes are deliberate and I am certain what I want to do. I have been painting long enough that I can usually accomplish what I set out to do.
The planning stage for each new painting is very important, but often I let the painting lead me in the beginning. It can take a different direction that I did not expect. If I get stuck I put a piece aside for awhile until I know where I am taking it next. Often I get to a point where I dislike the painting. I guess I've been staring at it for too long. I little step back helps my attitude.
'Where Is It,' I\is one of the few that painted itself. My only struggle was time and stamina for the tedious work. I worked on a second piece ,to enter the show, just to give me a break from this one. I would switch paintings every hour or so. My head kept telling me that this was insane, because I wasn't sure that I had time to finish the first one. My gut told me this would be the only way I could mentally achieve my goals with 'Where Is It."
The second painting did not make the show and I will probably finish it this week.
Oh the games I play with myself....

Friday, September 25, 2009

This is a painting that was started for the 'Beauty of Everyday Life' competition at Waverly house. Because of my mom's recient illness and hospitalization I only had time to finish the 'Silverware Drawer' or 'Where is It'.
I will be calling later today to see how that painting faired.
This painting is to be called 'Morning coffee.' I can see that there are issues with some of the cups. I will be dealing with that today. This is done on hot press paper and is more delicate to paint removal. As mean as I have been with my paintings lately, we will see how things go.
So far I am putting in the background by patiently painting around the foreground. I will have to mask the bottem of the cups to do the grantic counter top.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I finished the kitchen drawer painting today. Unfortunatly, I had to put it in a frame and deliver it to a competition before photographing it. Maybe I can retrieve it this weekend for photographing.

This was an ambitious endeavor for the amount of time. My mother went in the hospital this last week, which made finishing this painting more insane.

It felt like working on a puzzle. I resorted to fitting each little shape together. I ran out of time and turned what was left to do more abstract. Maybe that will give a balance for the tedious detail.

I wish I had time to work out bugs on this one, that may happen after the show.

In the end I did a wash of golden ochre. This helps to pull a congested painting more together.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Making good progress. Seven more days to paint. I think the black is actually going be what directs the eye around the painting.
My mom is better and we are done with the doctor's appointments for this week. Now maybe I can concentrate better on this one.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am pleased with how this progressing. I worked several hours on this on Saturday. I am not stressing on what is happening with this painting. This will be one thatI will really miss when it is done. I must get the entry form to Waverly House, Monday, and order the frame.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am working on the background, and am happy with the lime green of the shelf paper. Now I am ready to take a few more photos of the drawer rearranging things a little. I will remove items, to the left, to show more of the shelf paper. Some things of interest will be added to the silverware section.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Corel Draw is down. This picture is pretty crude. Making progress, but I really need to step it up. Today I am working on the drawer lining.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not the greatest photo but it important to get moving. This is a painting of my silverware drawer. It must be completed by September 22. There is a lot of work here. My idea is to put my reflection into a few of the shiny pieces and maybe put the handle and part of my body at the bottom. I am not sure of the latter idea. I think that I will change the drawer lining from beige to a lime green to match an ice cream scoop.
I should get that scoop painted today so I can start dealing with the back ground.
Titles: Where Is It? Where Is My Potato Peeler?
Happy birthday to me.:)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here is a comparison with the actual photo. I am surprised to see the front body shortened. I am still working on the positioning of the back right leg. The is the bug's leg. This is the upper right leg of the painting. The wings might get some more light or pop, or not. This is about done.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I did get this posted on 'The Different strokes page.' The painting was so-so. It was a difficult subject.
Most of my difficulty is my computer. I have a new computer and am operating with a free trial of Corel Draw. The discs are missing for this program. I also can not find the disk for my giclee printer.
We moved since these programs were last installed. I have a lot of searching to do.
I am hoping that the color of my new monitor will not mess up my printing process. I guess I can adjust that when I find the software.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The images are flipped here. Obviously the first one is the most developed. Grrr.
All I've got to say, is there is a lot of detail in them thar hills.

Koi close up 8/3

I think that I am finally making progress here. Less paint is more at this stage.

I am frustrated. My computer is down. I have jerry-rigged a laptop, with a card reader. There is no way for me to edit photos at this time. Now I just discovered that I cannot pull up blog pictures for comparison. I guess I can go back and do that later.

I think this painting may now be done. I added highlights in the center. Some of the heavy cadmium yellow was lifted. I pulled back some of the red in the flower and added red to the leaves. Now I don't have isolated color problems.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This is only a part of the painting. The orange fish in the lower left is too straight. I may want to push darks. The goal is to paint more. I have been tired with my mother in the hospital. Hopefully they will release her soon.

Started putting color in this one. So far I am very pleased. I added the bay in the distance. It was the first thing I painted. The actual color choice may not be a reality. More like Key West. I just wanted it notice and color punch. Have to check the shore line. I think the problem is in the photo.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

This will sound really stupid, but I just figured out that I had comments and how to view them. It is encouraging to know there are people out there watching. I am excited to start checking out other blogs. Eventually, I will get the hang of this.
I have started the new two week challenge. I think of it as my life. I must simplify, simplify, simplify. At first the San Francisco scene looked drab and hectic. As a started sketching it really be began to appeal to me. After I do this one maybe I will pull out the unfinished 'NY Cotton Candy.' And push to finish it.

I am puzzling over the 'Every day show' at Waverly house. After drawing the detail cramped scene of San Fransisco, I pulled out misc. silverware drawer and thought. That would be a challenge.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

This came together. I will look at it again next week. This photo is not at good as I would like. No sun. I like the indigo in the background. I may deepen it. The picture is flipped. Gosh, time to go to bed.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playing in the Shade



This was painted from a photo. This white cat would come from across the street every afternoon to my daughter's yard. I love painting white. This cat hung around for quite and extensive photo shot.

The above branches was made up and experiment with negative painting.

I often find this painting turned upside-down when displayed as a matted print. It must be the unusual vantage point.

Three Frogs Hangin' 2
1/4 sheet
Again I do not have the specs on the painting and it is at Waverly House. This was painted for the same show as 'Resting Dragonfly.' It did make it into the show.
I cut the mat with name of the board showing up on the front. I asked if I could return the next moring with the painting, for I was tied up with doctor's appointments for my parents.
The second mat was too small and I told the gallery owner that I wanted to fix the mat if it made it into the show. I did fix the mat and was told that the painting would had receive. an award if the mat had been right. I was encouraged that the judges like the paint that much. This was the first show I had entered in a year, since moving my elderly parents. At the time I felt rusty.
I started over with this painting. The first one had issues. I actually painted this one in one evening. The next morning I decided to add withe to the surface of the water. The intention was to make it cool as a contrast to the under the water. This is a little reminiscent of 'Fish Frolic.' I should up load that one next.
I got my material by downloading several images of frog heads in the water and frog bodies. I was careful not to copy, but started sketching and came up withe the drawing.
The under water and bodies is a lot of wet into wet, and then glazing. The fuzziness lends to the under water effect.

Resting Dragonfly

$150.00 ??

1/4 sheet

I have not been good at keeping accurate records of my paintings lately. I am not sure of the size or price of this piece. I do know that it is at the Waverly House Gallery.

This was painted for a competition on "Green." This did not make it in the show.

This painting should not have not been the struggle that it was. The soft hot press paper made painting the leaves a nightmare. Hard edges would appear constantly after paint dried. This is the hard edge where pigment would float to the edge. I solved the problem be adding a little white to my greens. This also helped in achieving the color I wanted. The dragonfly was a challenge because of the transparent wings. This is one of my paintings that has has to be viewed up close. The wings show more than in the photo. The photo was taken on a bush outside of the Naples condo.




This painting was painted in a series of three. My goal was to paint the scene out my deck window at sunrise. Each painting had to be in a different style. This one was the most successful and was the third painting. My intent was to give the feeling of stained glass.

I am submitting this to the Different stroke blog before the deadline.

The background is a kit for patching dry wall. Oh the tools we use.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Another day painting. I think that I am on a roll. I let the paint play on it's own. When everything was fairly set and dry I used watercolor pencils to add some accents. They also helped in softening some lines. Now the trick is to paint on something else today.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am experimenting here. I backed the white off a bit. This is different than printing. I think the colors are truer.

iThis is a true 'day painting'. I completed this in the time it took to play one CD. No cheating this is least maybe until tomorrow. I used a sample of Arches Hot Press paper, 300 lb. It is was easy to use. I could control my edges easily. I got into playing the turquoise against the red.
You know that the beetle is trying to figure out if he eats tomatoes. Then he has to weigh how long would he really live if I caught him snacking on my tomato. I had a little issue because the tomato is live-sitting under my art lamp, and the beetle was a blow up of a photo.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Bug

I like how this is coming. I've been working on the legs and the under body. The top of the bug has more form. In the next painting session I want to make upper body cooler and the under body warmer. The upper left leg needs to come down. I think that I want air between that leg and the head. I also have been working on the light against dark with the background and the legs. The connection of the wing toward the eye needs work. The bug face is improving. Do bugs smile? I think I'm kidding.
Hmmmm. Painting with a rhythm or variation of the literal in mind. I will visit in the Koi painting and the New York painting.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Orchids $200.00 10x14
This was one of my first watercolor paintings. My family was sleeping and I sat out on my mothers patio at dawn painting this from an orchid hanging in a pot. I think that I did this in two sessions. It gets too hot, quickly. I did not know much about negative painting at the time but this is a good example. I Like painting white.
This was too cool for my tasted so the rose was washed over the painting after it was totally dry. I avoided the white orchids. Voila!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

TOMATO FLIGHT: 16"x19" $400.00
I started this painting on a trip to Washinton D.C.
Upon returning home there would be only one week left to finish this for a compitition.
Before we left Washington, my husband's father died. I needed to go to Melbourn, Floida. First I had to accomply our little brother home. My husband and myself are a big brother couple.
Upon returning my suitcase was filled with clean clothes and I headed to Florida. I grabbed an airplane toy and the snapshot of the moth. I sat on the sidewalk with my camera getting a photo of the moth earlier that summer. Another artist friend of mine took the actual moth home with her. That helped not feel so eccentric.
My explanation for the flying objects in a painting of tomatoes was my mood after being on 5 airplanes in less than 24 hours. Actually the color of the plane lead to many color injections into the shadows or reflective light of the tomatoes.
The tomatoes came from a few snapshots at a farmer's market. I think that the yellow or green tomatoes added visual interest.
I learned to keep the shadows cleaner here by playing cool reds against warm reds and varying the water content. Cool reds are on top, because of the reflective color of the sky. Under shadows are warm. I learned along time ago that under shadows are warm.
The painting won an award in the competition.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now I need to slow down and add detail to the face and hands. The hands need to be adjusted. They are different sizes.
It is so great to finally see the sun today. Now the heat will probably come.

Well I still need to do something with the right eye.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This has come a long way. The body is showing up more. I like the imaginary wings. The right eye needs more definition. The under body needs more and the orange on the legs is too isolated.

I have found a way to add two images at once. We will see how this looks. This painting is a challenge from a website. I first sketched the sitting man. Then I added background interest using a dry-wall patch kit from the garage. Don't tell my husband.

I wanted to remove some of the spots. Since sepia was in the mix a tan color remained. Now I am developing some of the color temperatures and shadowing in the man's clothes. I am surprised how much green is present in the man's skin.

He seems to sit on the page well. I may not have to develop what he is sitting on much. His clothes are blue. The temperature of different areas will help in modeling his clothes. Painting his skin will be fun. I wish there was more of it.

Now I must let everything dry very well, before detail can be added.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is taking form. I am really just experimenting as I go. I must make sure the bug shines, and not let the background come forward. There is still plenty of time to adjust light against dark and color saturation.