Monday, November 7, 2016

Name Change

I have changed where I live and need to get active in new community.   Finally, I am developing a
a website.  It seems strange that I have never done this.  Now is the time.  I am continuing my blog, but thinking of changing the name.  I want to know what you think. 

                      Jane's Watercolor Journey

Cons:  I sort of like the old name.
           My business cards will...a new sticker on the back.
Pros:  Madness was the old me.  Now I want calmer waters to flow in my life.
          My life has been and still feels like a journey. 
          This becomes my business name and ties into my website...branding
          I uses my name and still seems easy to remember.

What do you think?  Let me know.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


This is the second repaint after the first photo in the 30 day challenge.  The underside of the hat and the upper face are in more shade.  I paid more careful attention to the eyes nose and mouth.  I think I can feel the heat of the sun more in the above version.

I developed basal cell skin cancer on my nose About 7 years ago, I developed basal cell skin cancer on my nose.  Fifteen stitches later all was put together again.   I react to sunblock and it makes me hot.  I wear it only if I am in the sun long enough to burn.  A hat helps to protect my face.  This one has a chin strap that can be tightened to hold it on in a stiff wind. My moisturizer and makeup has sun screen.   My dermatologist is not happy.  The next time I buy sunscreen I am going to try the stuff for babies.