Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have been such a good little blogger this week. I am taking a lot of photos and putting paintings into frames. Some of the works are new, some are reworked.

New York Cotton Candy
13"x 17"

This painting was started several years ago. I used three different reference photos that were shot in New York City, just before 9/11. This was a street fair in the summer just up from Radio City. I fell in love with photo of the Grandpa and little girl. Then I really liked the cotton candy tree. I had never seen it carried that way.

This painting was worked on off and all through years. It is quite detailed and lent itself not to be finished. Finally I decided to finish it and submit it to this Springs Waverly House show, 'The Flavors of the Season.'

I did not think this painting was coming together. There was a lot of different disconnected colors. Pulling this totally together would happen after most of the painting was done. A little trick I often use is general light wash of a color. In this case yellow ochre. It tones most of the whites and pulls the painting together. Care must be taken not to go over area more than once. The wash brush must be cleaned often after going over dark areas. A light tough is important.

I also used a little creative cropping, to make the composition stronger. Watercolor artists have an advantage in being able to do this. This is one reason my paintings are often not standard sizes.
This painting did get into the show and has drawn a lot of comment. I like how your eye is drawn on down the street, but the cotton candy pulls you back.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Yaaahoo! My frame order just arrived. I am doing a show in Charleston, MO, at the end of the week. It will be good to get more work into frames. I have been struggling with a change in cameras. I will survive, and maybe even develop a few new brain cells. I have not had the guts to start up the giclee printer yet. That will probably happen this evening.

Too Pretty to Eat
14"x 16"

I took this photo at a farmer's market. This is another case of a really good photo leading to a good painting. I changed the configuration of the poles and the and the sign to make a better composition. After painting a few very tedious paintings, this one was a good change. There is a lot of wet-into-wet work here. I also use the technique of painting toward the wet. This makes nice fading of color when getting to a highlight.

A colored pencil was used to carve out lines in the paint. I really don't think color came from the pencil on the wet paper, but adding pressure on paper with a sharp object will leave dark lines. The drawing action, that comes with a pencil, in hand felt easy. Hmmm, I wonder if that could be a way of signing your name.
I entered this into the Spring show at the Waverly house. The show will open the first weekend in May.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am producing a lot of work and I am happy. The last couple of days have been spent, visiting with and old friend and my son. Inside the artist was grumbling. Minimal work got done. It was great to take a break for good purposes. Honestly my hair was been stretched from my pulling on it. I was Working too much. Pleasing the artist is elusive.
I cannot stand it. I have started changes to 'Night Balloons.' Even if it is accepted into the show I will not be happy without the changes. I think changes will be minor enough that they will not be noticed.
Old Engine
22"x 15"
This painting was painted for the Finley River Train Show. I took the photo outside a train museum in California. The lighting and the view here makes a good composition. There is tedious detail, but not too much. I did have to grid with the drawing to make sure everything was where it belonged the first time. Got into a little trouble with the grid lines in the sky but I think I over came it. Must remember to keep lines like that light, but there is also a fight to see them.
I plan to repaint this much larger and then submit it to Watercolor USA next year. The plan is to work slowly, working out all the issues as I go. It would be novel to finish something earlier than 5 minutes before it is due.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where Is It?
This a the other painting that I submitted to watercolor USA. I think that I am through playing with this one. Yes it does happen. It was originally painted for 'The Beauty of Everyday Life' show, at the The Waverly House. The painting won the theme award. This was fun, a challenge, and hair pulling. I had to keep my finger on the item that I was painting, or I would slip and start working on the wrong thing.

I brought this painting home and tightened up a little. When the Waverly House show came about, my mom had become really sick. I was spending a lot of time in doctor's offices and the hospital. I had works so hard on this painting and was determined to finish it, I stayed up all night to finish this one. It was finished really fast.

It was good, but now it is better. I am not listing the price of this one because I did not have it in my records. I will list it after I know it it is accepted.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm back. I am doing well. It did take me a few weeks to recover from my mother's death. Then I started painting. Producing work is one of the first steps.

I've discovered a new way to progess with my work. If I paint on several paintings at once. I don't get into hating the painting in front of me. If there are issues, or things are not progressing well, it don't stress. I just flip to the next painting. I let go, and move on to dealing with the next piece. Ideas on what to do next, or solving a problem with a painting has to percolate with me. I keep flipping to a different painting. With a different painting on the table, the mental work has already been done and I am ready to move ahead with the work. I also clean up my work area each time I switch to a different painting. It is a cleansing process.

Night Balloons.
14"X 17"

I have submitted this to Watercolor USA. I will know if it is accepted by the April 17. I am waiting. It is not accepted, I am ready to change this one. I want more warm color in part of the the back ground. I may want to tweak the actual shape of a couple of the balloons. I think this piece is out of balance. This was not apparent until it was done. I think if I lighten the area above the small balloon and add a little warmth it will solve the problem. Until I know if it is accepted in the Watercolor USA, I am hesitant to make changes.

The painting sits, in the studio and I continue to mentally work on it. This seems to be something I cannot rush.

Thank you for your kind works of support and care after the my mother passed. I was silent for awhile, but I was feeling your care and it helped.

I am seem to be up and painting more than I have been able to the last couple of years. I have entered three competitions and finished five paintings in the past two weeks. Deadlines do help. I have several other painting getting close to go in the frames. You should be seeing frequent posts now.

With brushes flying everywhere,
Jane Huggins:)