Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Favorite Pencil has been changed.

I have been struggling with a drawing for the Mystery Box competition.  I used to buy Design HB pencils from National Art. The  pencil's look changed.  No big deal.  Wrong.  The pencil has changed!  It won't sharpen and it is softer.

I thought I found the old pencil online with the old look.  I ordered a box.  Turns out they were not the old pencils.  The numbers are the same but the online photo must not have been updated. 

Thought maybe I could adjust.  Finally after creating an graphite mess I dug up an old stub of my favorite pencil.  I am ready to let Maxwell have his way with the whole box.  He quickly make toothpicks out of pencils.  Finding a new favorite pencil would be a goal for this year. 

As I was putting away a few of my dads things I spied his drafting pencil.  I expected hard lead, but I was surprised by what I think is H2.  The lines are clean.  I will purchase HB lead tomorrow.

I am once again a happy artist.

My father passed away last April.  It has been hard to recover from the after effect.  I do finally feel more sane.  I is very nice to happen in to my father's drafting pencil.  It is like keeping a piece of him close to me.  I am sure he is looking and down on me and glad that I have adopted his pencil as my own.