Saturday, January 9, 2010

O.K., I am back. My mother has gotten a lot worse lately. I agreed to put her hospice the other day. I am working through the emotional side of this pretty well. After the holidays I feel that I have more mental and physical time.
I am getting much better at playing the piano. Piano playing is a great stress reliever for me. Painting is another thing.
Although, I am making myself pick up the brush I do not focus well and getting little real work done is not happening. I am cutting myself some slack here. Things will flow when it is time.
This painting is one that I wanted to start years ago. Every November when the Christmas lights are put in the Ozark Rive Park, The Miracle Children's Fund sponsors this night. Hot air balloons are erected in the Night and stay on the ground. It is awesome to see this huge creations all together in the arena. You only see them when the fire is put on to keep them inflated. At times you see one or two and once in awhile several are firing up at once.
The two spectators are my husband and Nate, my little brother.
I am pretty pleased with the progress of this on so far. I wish some of the colors where clearer, but it is a night scene.