Thursday, December 18, 2014

What to do?

This is a typical artist dilemma.  This a painting on a whole sheet of paper.  I am happy with the progress, but not sure where to go with the water and the sky. In a perfect world I would have planned  this out be before I wet the brushes

 I shot this with my i Pad and sent it to myself in an email.  Then I took it to Photoshop to work on the sizing.  I am getting better with all the technical stuff, but back to the painting.

I am thinking of taking the water up another third of the way, keeping the green color and the light.  To get the depth of the Gulf the marks have to be closer together pretty darn fast.  The horizon line could be faint almost blending into the sky.  I am thinking of varying it making the line vanish.  Hmmm, vanish on which side of the bird.

Now there is the sky.  Is it a pale steel-gray or is there a subtle sunset with some warm color coming on the water. 

I am going to print this bird and play or practice with the background until I can see it in my head.

If anyone out there has a great idea send me a message.