Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Old Engine
21"x 14

I delivered this painting to the Springfield Art Museum. It will on display in the 2011 Watercolor U.S.A. I honestly thought that I would enter this show for a lifetime before I got in, and was quite surprised when I received the acceptance card.

This painting has already won best of show twice, so it is a strong piece. I have been painting a lot more, with doing shows in Florida, this winter. When I was spending so much time caring for my parents the last few years, I felt my painting was a little rusty.

A very good photo that I took in California, Was the foundation for this piece. Then I painstakingly worked on the drawing and detail. The angle of the train was difficult and had to be right. Then finally balancing the wet-into-wet areas and with the detailed areas was what makes this painting work. The strong value pattern also makes it stand out.

Wish they all could be like this one.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's Award Winning Sketch

This is a painting sketch from a Dr. Sketchy's pose. Dr. Sketchy's is similar to a life drawing session, only the models are burlesque dancers. The model is never totally nude, but at times can have little on. I find it interesting to add the clothes. With music, drink and food this evening is party-like.

This was a 15 minute4 pose. I started with pencil on a piece of rag mat board. This is a good use for left over pieces, too small to use in framing. Then I painted, with a round brush that points really well. Then since there is not time to let things dry, I go in with a little colored pencil to add detail or firm up a line.

I then I throw the sketch on the floor. Often I see something that does not read from a distance and pick it up to add touches.

There is usually a contest in the evening, where artists put their paintings on the stage to be judged by the model, after a series of poses. I have never won before, and was surprised when my painting was picked up as first place. I won a breakfast at a local Kansas City Restaurant.