Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tall Drinks, Key West.

I am trying to be a good blogger. Christmas...need i say anymore. I am toying with doing an art show in February. I have been working on several paintings. They are all in the stage were nothing spectacular is happening to any of them. This one has a long way to go. Looks like I still need to push and pull at the sizes and the tops of the glasses. How can something so simple be so hard. The green in the upper right hand corner does not thrill me. That can change.

I am making cookies today, but if all goes well I will post and update on this painting by evening.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

November, a Dr. Sketchy's Session

Dr. Sketchy's is like a life drawing session, with the models wearing more clothing, Drawing starts with 1 minute poses, progressing to 15 minute poses. This is excellent practice for artists, because you are force to work very fast blocking out spaces and color.

The models are burlesque dancers. They are very good at developing the visual. Hair makeup and costuming is part of their focus. Sometimes the model/dancer is not very experienced at holding a pose. They will use a pose that is too ambitious for the time period. By the end of the pose she is struggling not to move, or must move and recover as best as possible. I have been working on a face to have the face turned away before the end of the pose. This can create more of a challenge, leaving me to work from memory or just make it up.

All these paintings are from 10 to 15 minute poses. I start with a quick pencil sketch, to make sure all the parts are in the right place. Then I start putting on paint, establishing color and value. Since there is no time for paint to dry I use colored pencil to help with detail, line and texture.

Sometimes, during the break I can go back and add details with paint. Watercolor painters like to work with wet paint that flows and mingles. The painter develops a sixth sense when to take more control as the paint dries. I always tell my students that water is your friend, but it can also be your enemy.

The night is fun with music, drinks and food. It is sort of a party atmosphere, but there are 50 plus artist there putting in some serious work.