Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Windy Day

We had a lot of people at the Arts Alive event.  I am too tire to paint anything serious tonight.  This a 10 minute doodle.  Laid some water onto the paper and watched the paint stroke melt into each other.


I am getting ready for an open house tomorrow.  There are three paintings I wish to get into a frame tonight.  I think I will finish that early in the morning.  The Red Octopus was cleaned up a lot today, and I am putting it in the show.  I will post the final photo tomorrow.  I have not edited it photo yet.

The teacup was started earlier, to my dismay, the cup has totally vanished.  I can not find it anywhere.  Oh well, I just make things up for the finish.  I am happy.  The cup will probably appear in the morning.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Red Octopus

I had a coffee pot meltdown.  There were a handful of filters that flattened out, saturated with coffee.  I tore a couple of the filters into pieces laid them on a piece of paper.  A little coffee stain was left behind.  Then I started laying paint on the filters and the paint bled through to the paper.  The underpainting was started.

I sort of like this.  With some minor changes and cleaning up this may become a painting.  This painting was much looser that the previous paintings, and definitely experimental.


Where is this painting going from here?  I want to work on his. The tail feathers need adjusting.  I am not sure I will add the bird further down the railing, but then what do I do in the space he occupies.  

I was using cerulean on smooth 300 lb. paper.  It was intriguing to see how this color did color played on the paper.

This is a good start, but it needs work.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Two Birds

This is a watercolor on canvas.  I am not real happy with this.  I was fighting the texture.  My rocks are not working.  I think I will work on rocks for awhile. This canvas also needs another layer of watercolor ground.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ibis with a Destination.

This is the first day of the thirty day challenge.  This ibis knows where he is going.  His posture definitely gives him an attitude.  These birds are a little bigger than a pelican.  most of them are snowy white, and are often found at the shore of the gulf.  They have very distinctive curved beaks and orange legs to match.

They can often be found in other places, like parking lots, in neighborhoods, but always close to water. Many times they roam around in groups.  Blue eyes are another feature.  Ibis may be white but the colored parts make them all the more fun to observe.

Looking at this painting I will probably tweak it a little and pop it in a frame for next week's open house at Arts on Fire.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lily Pads in the Fountain   24"x30"   $675.00

This painting was put together from several photos taken at the fountain at Jane's Restaurant, in Naples Florida.  This was a great place for breakfast.  The French toast was to die for. 

 I always checked the fountain out for blooms after we had visited the farmer's market on 3rd Street.  Over a period of time I had collected several images of the lavender lilies. 

 Then  task of printing off and blowing up images, exactly to the size as I wanted for the painting. Hours were spent in constructing the drawing.  Lighting also had to be adjusted, because of the different times the photos were taken. 

 After first painting each lily in detail and then the water, I put the photos aside and worked to pull the piece together.  This one came in and out of the frame a few times.  Now It is ready.

Speckled Crab   17"x20"  $320.00

I found this crab washed up on the beach one morning.  He was dead and on his back.  Flipping him over I positioned all his legs to a good pose.

Originally, this painting was started as a day painting.  Returning to it, I worked on detail and the sense that he is resting in a hole in the water. 

One of the hardest tasks was finding out what kind of crab this was.  Hours were spent on the internet to find his picture with a name.  Finally I had it: The Speckled Crab.