Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Signs on Winslow Street
13 1/2" x 17"
I just posted this painting to Virtual Paint Out. If I crossed all my 't's and dotted all my 'i's. It will show up on the website soon.
About a week ago Carolyn Summer, facebook friend, recommended that I check this sight out. I commented that I probably will not be able to do a painting this month. I could not figure out how to use the sight and the month was almost over. She whined and shortly posted her painting. The challenge was on.
You go to the google earth sight from the web page. Then you end up walking the streets of the given city. Find something to paint. Save the picture or sight to your computer, print and paint.
I did get a painting done. The signs stretching across the street, is what attracted me. I was cursing myself for picking such a detailed view. But I did get into painting the signs. I began to recognize the repetition of some of the characters. In the end I had to really simplify the buildings, but that makes the signs all the more important in the composition. I did a quick wash of gold ochre over much of the painting to tie it together.
The real accomplishment for me is being able to use the sight. I was painting a scene from Hong Kong by going there via internet. How cool is that?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This piece was a very quick study of a photo I took of my husband. We picked up a brush to doodle out how I was going to instruct my water class on painting portraits.

They say they want to paint like me so I had to analyze how I would go about painting a face. One thing is to work slowly and start building with light washes. If a piece is over-w0rked in the beginning it is hard or impossible to get the highlights back.

This painting is done on the paper I use to do glicee prints. It is acid free but not watercolor paper. The sizing is replace with a coating to make the paper printable. This paper is softer and some paint can be removed with just an electric erasure. The paper tares instead of scratching when a knife is used. Paint does not move on the paper but it can be lifted with a light tough of a scrubber.

The hair is unique. I painted the color under the hair and scratched the actual hair into the paper. Although the paper was not cooperating I think the result is still believable.

Well this has also been a lesson on how this paper differs from watercolor paper or knowing what are the qualities of a good water color paper. I keep encouraging my students to us good paper. I give them pieces. They still resist, thinking that their work is not worthy of a piece of paper that may cost a few dollars. I even offer them a package price for a single sheet, because that is how I order my paper.

I started by just painting the lip an chin. I did not start with a drawing. I told my class to practice. Work on specific areas at a time. Expect failures, but experiment and don't be scared. I was proud of them. They ended up with finished works. One student was sculpting the angles and bones of a man's face, stating she could not draw. Another student painted a believable portrait of her mother from a black and white photo.

This painting will be matted and framed an put by my computer.:)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I arrived in Florida. Set up to paint. I always carry a blooming orchid with me. I do not want those blooms to fade when I am gone. Bought the orchid on the way to Key west in May. Drove it home with me. Now it is back.
This was easy to paint. Did a quick drawing. Washed in the pale yellow and then added more color where the pedals overlap. Finished this in three short sittings.
What really sets this flower off is the background. I dropped this in after the flower was painted.
Of course the flower I was painting wilted before I was done. I just started using and other flower for information.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I wish to start a painting in the morning. I will use a previous photo and memory. The sky was boiling in indigo maybe Payne's gray. The sea is lighter in soft greens. Maybe white will be needed to achieve these colors. Oops. I did not bring my suitcase of paint tubes. Must make due with what is on my pallate. The water is darker at the horizon. A strip of violet is a quarter of the way out in the water as the water gets deeper but then lightens again before it darkens at the horizon. The water is tanner with sand stirred up in the surf before or where the waves break. The foam from the waves are white. The sand is lightest where it is dry but is violet where the water has just wetted the sand. I guess this is a reflection of the sky. The pier is deep brown. Brown madder with a lot of ultramarine blue. The building half way out is deep rusty red. Three orange lights shine from the snack bar and cleaning station.

Here's hopping the vision will not fade by morning.