Wednesday, August 14, 2013

After a few details this painting will be ready to frame. I painted the fish, then covered much of it with masking fluid. When painting the background, I wanted the red to flow off of the page in three places. Ultramarine Blue was used for the darkest passages. I wish to add some more striping to the body. My husband says the fish looks like it wearing sunglasses. The eyes area will need more work. The color is a little off. I took the photo with the painting taped down to dry. Maxell, my puppy, is sitting on my lap trying to warm his paws after being out in the wet grass. Who would know it would be so cool in August. He is watching me type, contemplating what would happen it he used his paws to help me type.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Painting Spree

This year has been really tough with a several sad events taking place. My painting has suffered. Now I have a puppy and life has opened up to a new chapter. The puppy is Maxwell Huggins III. He is our third bulldog. Being our first boy and first French Bulldog, he has managed to bring a lot of happiness into my life. In this photo he is wondering if my painting session is over so we can go outside. He got his wish and now he is bedded down on the dog cushion by my computer chair. I am in the middle of a painting spree. In about a week this has to stop so I can focus on my daughter's wedding. Life is always pulling me away from my brushes, but this is a very happy event. The painting shown here is a lion fish. I have photographed these fish at several aquariums and finally started a painting. After a simple layout, I am proceeding with drawing as I go. The paint has to flow and mingle. There are many soft edges. The background has to make the fish pop, at the shame time create the illusion of the fish being in the water. More and more water attracts me as a subject. The lion fish is perfect to satisfy my desire for a challenge. In the next painting session I will strive to complete the detailing around the fishes eye. So for so good.