Sunday, February 14, 2010

I forgot that I pick "Balloons in the Night" as a title for this one. Once this one is totally painted I will have to push and pull between dulled color, it is night, and the brightness of the light.
I am excited, this one should be a stunner.
This next week I need to step up the work on two train paintings due at the end of the month, but I will continue to work on the balloon and coffee cup paintings as a pair.
Working on two paintings seems to do well for me. Keeps me from hating the work that I continually stare at.
Working on more that two at at time can be hard for focus, but a good time to work on the ones that sit on the boards undone. I like to start paintings. I don't like to finish them.
This painting was started this last spring. It will probably be finished some time this week. I collect coffee cups. My favorites eventally get broken, but that is only an opportunity to add to my collection. At first it seemed like this painting would paint itself, but I got hung up with making all the elipes right. The darkened room in the background is being up before sunrise. The light source is directly above the cups.
My mother died on February 4, 2010. I usually do not paint under such stress. I have been painting but not finishing anything. I am pleased with my work. There is a whole in my heart, but I think painting with my mother watching over my shoulder will lead to productivity.

My father says he talks to her. I do too. I have a tendency to talk to myself a lot when I paint. I can only imagine the reaction to others I am painting with when my mother is added to the conversation.

I love you Mommy. I know where you are, this will be a good year