Monday, December 12, 2016

Afloat on a Sunlit Sea

I just delivered this painting to The Naples Art Association for a juried show.  The theme is Hello Yellow.  I took a photo of this woman floating in the water in the Virgin Islands.  We did not see the sun much this trip, because a hurricane was close.  This was one of the few days we saw the sun.

As usual this was finished and delivered 20 minutes before the deadline.  Upon double checking the dates for this show I found out that I had not 2 days to finish this, but 1.   In a couple of days I will find out if it made it in the show. 

I was getting close in time so I took a quick photo of this with my iPad.  It is a quick way to check the painting for definite issues.  Of course I allowed time to take a better photo before putting it in the frame.

My husband felt that I should have created and horizon and had a sunset.  "No." was my response.  He said he knew that I wouldn't go for the idea.  At least he knows the artist.