Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lighthouse Lens View
I am taking my time with this painting, but enjoying the steady pace. My plans have changed what to do with this piece. I hope to have it ready for the Hammon's hall show on July 24. Then it would fit in the Waverly house show this fall. I would love to submit it to Watercolor USA this coming year.
I am presently working on the second Lens on the right. I know that Rick's head needs to get wider to fit with Wendy's head. How the two lenses relate to each other is one of my main concerns right now. They are from two different photos. I have to put them together in a believable way.
Working on this painting seems a little like paint by number. (I admit it, I have never done a paint by number.) The visual effect of small areas of color visually working together to create an image. I think this will be one that I will miss when it is done. May be if it's price is high enough it can live above my mantel for awhile.