Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lily Pads in the Fountain   24"x30"   $675.00

This painting was put together from several photos taken at the fountain at Jane's Restaurant, in Naples Florida.  This was a great place for breakfast.  The French toast was to die for. 

 I always checked the fountain out for blooms after we had visited the farmer's market on 3rd Street.  Over a period of time I had collected several images of the lavender lilies. 

 Then  task of printing off and blowing up images, exactly to the size as I wanted for the painting. Hours were spent in constructing the drawing.  Lighting also had to be adjusted, because of the different times the photos were taken. 

 After first painting each lily in detail and then the water, I put the photos aside and worked to pull the piece together.  This one came in and out of the frame a few times.  Now It is ready.

Speckled Crab   17"x20"  $320.00

I found this crab washed up on the beach one morning.  He was dead and on his back.  Flipping him over I positioned all his legs to a good pose.

Originally, this painting was started as a day painting.  Returning to it, I worked on detail and the sense that he is resting in a hole in the water. 

One of the hardest tasks was finding out what kind of crab this was.  Hours were spent on the internet to find his picture with a name.  Finally I had it: The Speckled Crab.

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