Sunday, January 1, 2017

30 Paintings in 30 Days Day 1

Here we go again.  This time I plan to be a little easier on myself.  The paintings this month will be smaller.  In February I want to enter a show called the power of small.  I may prepare a few canvases also.  Then the allotted space will be all painting and not matting. 

I hope that these paintings will be a warmup for other work.  I wish to play and experiment, and maybe paint ahead a little.  The goal is to complete these works in the morning and in one sitting.

This one was in a journal.  Using different reds, but getting contrasts between the shapes.  The green areas were a balance in color and then I went  to all play in the background.  I do not shake paint on the surface often, but it is a good way to add interest and keep an otherwise tight painting loose.

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