Wednesday, January 4, 2017

30 Paintins in 30 days, Day 4

Yellow Rose

This is small enough to glue onto a thank you card.  I used one rose from my photo of my farmer's market bouquet as a reference.  It was a little difficult to draw one rose and not include petals from other roses.  The drawing was not exact, but I was able to paint using the photo for value and color changes. 

I used different yellows.  I probably have about 10 on my yellow pallet.  Red and orange was used for shadows, with a hint of green.  Before the painting was done, I stopped looking at the photo and just tried to make the painting make sense. 

Hookers green and violet were used for the foliage, being complementary to yellow and red.  at the last minute I decided to use cobalt blue with texture for a sky, throwing in rose hints. 

I like the composition of this painting.  It does not bother me that a couple of the roses pedals kiss the edge.  Sometimes breaking rules works. 

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