Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 8...Name

The rules with 30 Paintings in 30 days, is there is no such thing as  cheating.  How you spit out paintings is up to you.  My rule is that I want to actually paint 30 paintings in the time span.  I do not pull from past work.  I may paint on a start, bringing it to a state of completion.  I also know not every piece is really complete, but it will never be posted as a 30 day painting at a later time.  I guess I have my own rules.  Isn't that what life is about?

I may have a public studio space soon.  I decided to play with my name, because I want it featured in my booth.  I am not a calligrapher.  With this I started by drawing my signature.  It was too large to really count as a signature with a handwriting flow.  I was an elementary teacher so I try to actually address each letter as I write.

Online I have seen lettering done with ink loaded into  Tonight I choose my largest round for the clear water.  The second largest round was used for the color.  I used to tubs of water.  One was to remain clear and one was for washing away previous paint.  These large rounds have the best water retention but also the best points. 

I tried to choose pigments that I thought would flow.  Some are pretty heavy and do not move easily.  To my surprise the staining colors were the slowest to spread.  I guess that is why they are strainers.  Some colors instantly filled all water areas instantly and then flowed back into other wet letters that had already been painted.  Some of the neatest paint activity disappears as the paint cooks and mingles. 

Being a control freak I used and script brush to neaten up some edges and shape.  I did that less with my last name.

Wanting to have the uncontrolled present I picked up a screen and blew splatter onto the whole page. I used lemon yellow, peacock and rose separately.  One letter was still really wet so the paint blew into a spray.  I did not touch anything after the splatter work.  I left and let everything dry. 

The next time I try this I will use a paper with more texture.  Of course that will lead to less control.
I like to walk that fence.

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